Hello Family/Friends/Ancestors

I’m a Proud Yamatji/Koori Nhanda, Widi, Wiradjuri man from the Midwest of W.A and “Out West” of N.S.W. I’d like to thank my family, friends, Ancestors and Old People for Guiding me on this Journey. My aim, in-regards to creating the Couple Hits Radio online website, is to connect with other First Nation’s people from Australia and around the world. This website is a digital ‘platform’ where we as Aboriginal/Indigenous/First Nation people’s can come together and share with each other and of course with the world, our cultural stories, values and beliefs.

I’ve currently completed a Diploma in Audio (Electronic Music Production) at SAE Qantm in Perth, Western Australia. With the Diploma under my belt, I plan on developing further knowledge in sound design and eventually design audio for films, games and animation. I also would like to produce and mix music for myself and other artists who like the sounds that I create. Through out my sound design career, I plan on using cultural instruments like the Didjeridoo, tap sticks and boomerangs that are import to me and my culture, to create my own unique sound.

‘Outside’ of the Couple Hits Radio website, I’m also working on creating my own Multi-media content producing company called Muliyan Miil (Wiradjuri words which mean Eagle eye/star) Media. The main focus with this company is to create content for the Couple Hits Radio website.  The three main areas that Muliyan Miil Media will work on, include radio broadcasting, video producing and web design. Our aim is to contact various aboriginal organisations in Perth and around Australia, and either interview, film, photograph and eventually write a Blog on what types of programs that the organisation delivers to the community. It will also be our job to identify and source out aboriginal artists, bands and musical groups from around Australia and the world, to get interviews, write stories, blog posts and articles on the artists. Eventually all the content will be uploaded to the Couple Hits Radio website and all the other social media platforms or accounts that the Couple Hits brand owns.

On another note I’m currently enrolled at Edith Cowan University in a Double Bachelor of Arts/Media and Communications, majoring in broadcasting and history. The first semester so far in 2017 I’ve throughly enjoyed, and I’m looking forward to Completing my degree within the next 5 years. After going through life with out really enjoying the jobs that I was confronted with, I’d finally found a passion in creating music and especially sound design. The longer I study and gain knowledge in the broadcasting field, I feel my confidence its growing stronger, and although I consider myself to be a confident person, I feel that, with my Diploma and eventually with the degree ‘under my belt’, I can achieve anything.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to the journey ahead!

Lucas Lewis aka Adivism

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